Dosa pizza recipe

Desi Dosa Pizza is a fusion recipe with traditional dosa batter and a choice of pizza toppings, as a matter of fact, we do remember the KAAKA MUTTAI paati's pizza. With cheese and pizza dressings over, Dosa Pizza can be an ideal evening snack and can be done with left over dosa batter prepared for morning breakfast.

This fusion recipe is organised by @c6_talks and their profile is linked below.

Dosa pizza
Dosa pizza

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Let the preparation begin!

🍕To a tawa, spread the dosa batter and drizzle oil. On its sides when half cooked, add a teaspoon of butter on its top and 1 tablespoon of Schezwan sauce and spread evenly on all sides. 🍕Add veggies of your choice, I added green bell pepper, onion and tomato. 🍕Spread 2 tablespoons of grated cheese evenly on the top of veggies. 🍕Sprinkle Pepper powder and red chilli flakes. 🍕When the cheese completely melts, off goes the flame.

Dosa Pizza recipe
Dosa Pizza recipe


🔹️Schezwan sauce can be replaced with Pizza sauce. 🔹️Pepper powder can be replaced with mixed herbs. 🔹️Sweet corn, mushroom, jalapeno and olives can also be used. Due to unavailability of all those things, I made pizza with available ingredients in my pantry.

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