Get Lovely, Decadent Cakes Delivered in your lockdown(Doorstep)!

Updated: May 14, 2020

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Hope your lockdown's going borela as it is for me. (Readers post Quarantine you are too late to feel the masala ra. So, go away now before wasting a shitty 3 minutes of your shitty life!)

We all want to present our loved ones/friends on their birthdays, anniversary, special occasions whatsoever. During the lockdown, it's been a headache (as it is shown on Vicks ad) for me. Speaking on it, my girl-----friend's (rendukum nadula "gap" irku and not the boy bestie ya'll see in memes) birthday and my parents' wedding day got to show up on the same day, May 13. I was browsing with all the keywords possible,

happy anniversary birthday cake with name generator happy birthday papa cake birthday cake with name baby birthday cake

Kenji kekren cake deliver panu

Every websites ended up showing the delivery date as May 20th (Mindvoice - 7 aavadhu naal kariyam panradhuka daw dei) Finally the silver lining showed up with the echoes of Vanatha pola bgm 🥺 - Not spam - Not sponsored(wont reject the offer thou) - Okay dont go away

When I clicked it and rushed to the last page of a random cake just to see the delivery date options, it said Delivery: earliest day today(MAY 13)🥺 ~ Vaa da en chellaaaa kutty

Aproma adchi pudchi booked the combo of Kit Kat cake and 12 inch teddy bear for ₹1498.

Coming to the spartans, for my parents, I ordered a combo of choco cake and dairy milk basket with 6 dairymilks in it. Both the deliveries said to appear on the destination between 9am to 7pm (according to the government CORONA doesnt bite you at those 10hrs).

As promised, they delivered both the orders on afternoon while they are about to look for dessert(that kinda worked for me). So, coming to the conclusion of the Modiji speech, lockdown never stopped cute moments and spreading smiles!

Thanks to Flower Aura and I would definitely recommend for your guys any day. They even provide midnight delivery, not by this time,hopefully to resume those services after Quarantine life gets over!

What are you waiting for da? Cheap and best surprises waiting beneath your click! Delivered all over India!

FUN FACT: You will be registering as usual with your mail and phone number. Though, if you want to hide the Sender's name to pull the suspense, you can potray yourself like I did as Mr. Monkeyman(okay what was I thinking).

P. S: Am not ruining you. Am I?

More reviews coming the madrasi way!

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