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Homebakers are really changing the game nowadays with their premium quality, less added preservatives with a pretty reasonable price card. With the way the big brands of pastry work in Chennai, you can agree most of them are not healthy or cheaper. I've come to notice on Instagram, an IT professional, baker by passion soon to be her profession doing her homemade pastries with one big Menu posting Sold out stories almost daily on her account(@kayke_homebaker).

Let's see about the food items she sell and those which I found out fascinating! (Menu attached below)

Celebration Cakes

Birthdays or any special day can be turned even more noteworthy with the variety of celebration cakes made with love!

Be it a fairy tale cake as the above one or a sarcastic cake to tell your friend "Clock la irka mullu kuda navurudhu, ne innum veeta vitu navurala" as the below one, she have got it covered. Charging minimum of 250-/ INR for fondant designs, you will be ordering few days before the pickup date.

If you could take a look at her MENU below, top selling flavors are there. But feel free to contact the Chef for innovative flavors(veliya dha orey aalu, ulla pala roobangal). She may surprise you!


Y'all looking for yummy cookies now. Aren't you? It's in her Menu too. All the chutty 90s kids and Tea ku sidedish thedra Ungils, it's your lucky day. Be it healthy snack or the ones that you want to eat but not to make you fat, the list goes on with cookies made in wheat, cashew, ragi, choco chip etc. There's even lactating cookies for young moms!


Choco shelled Cake, Hazelnut Doughnut Bombs, Pineapple Cake, Rose Cake and Dessert Jars(me so likey) are on the snacks list. These get sold out in a flash. Ping her account and get yours before it vanishes away. Go da now uh!

Instead of googling online cake delivery near me, book your cute orders here atleast before a day. You can go stalk her profile and drool now or get your pastries delivered and make your tummy-tummy happy(I could hear it Grrrrrrrr already!)

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