Munchi's Pizza, Homemade Pizzas delivered in Chennai

Munchi's Pizza is a quarantine startup food service by a lovely Chef, Neesam who has worked before on 5 Star Hotels like Novotel, Ramada(in Chennai). His interest towards Pizza and the shutdown on restaurants during lockdown pushed him deliver his homemade pizzas across Chennai in moderate prices you'll never regret.

Homemade Pizza
Munchi's Pizza

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The Quality that the Chef maintains and the cheese, man the cheese he uses along with perfectly cooked stuffings, call it Chicken(non veg) or Paneer(veg), he makes the pizza loaded with them as much as one could do. These Pizzas made me doubt the price list of big Pizza brands like Dominos, Pizza Hut etc when it comes to the 8 inch ones. Munchi's Pizza has got 8 inch Pizzas from low as 180 INR to 300 INR respective on the toppings. I've attached their profile below, head to @munchispizza on Insta to know more!

They also have Garlic breads, Chocolate cakes and Chocolate samosa as the sides on their Menu. Out of all the things, the combo list got me fascinated. Munchi's Pizza deliver 3 VEG Pizzas for 500 INR and 3 NON VEG Pizzas for just 550 INR. It doesn't even have to be of same Pizza and all of them are 8 inch. (You get me right?)

That's atleast a bill of 800 INR on Dominos for a quality and toppings like this!

The Chef has been expanding the Menu rapidly for a while since I've ordered there. He has started working on birthday cakes recently, who knows what he's upto next!

We both have to wait, while you're, why don't you order a homemade pizza yourself!

Come on, Chicken Tikka Pizza, fully loaded for 250 INR.

It's time you trust a passionate Chef to treat your cravings right!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Chicken Alfredo Pizza

DM @munchispizza on Instagram or whatsapp 8667757243 to order!

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