Master Oru Tea - Herbal Tea Flasks in Chennai

Master Oru Tea is a cute yellow Chai place in Kolathur serving all the things a work-stressed Madrasi expects to be in a cafe. From "oru tea adipoma?" to "jillunu sarbath kudikanum pola irku", Masterorutea got it covered!!

One sunny Saturday afternoon, getting off from work, Zomato popped me up with this cafe Masterorutea. "Name eh nalarkey"

Looking at the affordable price ranges, ordered myself a Vada Chennai tea flask(at ₹110) which serves atleast 4 cups and a Paal Sarbath(₹30) to treat myself.

Zomato annan came home in 30 mins(not bad for a 13 km journey). Opened the wraps and found out the Master complimented me with Osmania Cookies that went well with the Tea 🍵. I loved the tea so much that I was eager enough to find out its making and went there the next day to shoot how it was actually made. The video can be found on my Instagram handle @themadrasappetite (Marketing da bhaiya)

Vada Chennai tea is a mixture of Mint leaves, Tea dust, Ginger, Bay leaves along with Milk and Sugar. This may sound like a biryani recipe but I guarantee you, I could not find this lovely unique masala taste in a tea anywhere else!!

He, Joseph Paul, the owner of Master Oru Tea currently has another branch in Perambur. So order these rare cuties nd experience the taste of Vada Chennai by Dm-ing his Insta account @masterorutea or WhatsApp or call 8780028311. Delivery available also on Swiggy/Zomato/Dunzo.

Let me and the Master know how you liked the tea. (Smiling emoji, smiling emoji, confused emoji)

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