My Bhaai Friend is better than Yours! - the 90s kids biryani

One fine Sunday while every madrasi decided to take a day off Kitchen, I was craving for a Bhaai biryani da. Looking at my "to eat restaurants" list, there's this restaurant with a name we see in memes "The Bhaai Friend | 90s kids 🕺" Their Muslim style biryani has been circling on Instagram for days and I finally got a chance to burrrppp on it!

Tempted by the Sunday briyani posts and major food bloggers' recommendations, my tastebud made me type the order right to their official instagram page(Linked their profile below)!

I have known Ashwanth(Mudhalali) since his first shop Train bbq was inaugurated. That's a different timeline! Coming to the present, bro read my message, gave his number, took my call and firstly he was so polite to say that he couldn't deliver the order himself tomorrow due to the bulk orders he already have on the queue. And I couldn't control my raging cravings just because of a delivery.

Impatient me with a appetite of a mountain cow picked up the order myself next day and witnessed the 3 hundred and 50 bucket biryanis(my approximations are worse than weather report) that are being imported through dunzo and lynk all through Chennai. Though I was petite waiting for my kutty order of a Chicken briyani, mutton briyani and mutton chukka, Ashwanth had a buddy help me with my order during those hectic times.

I came dug dug dugging my way home to arrange the food packets in a Insta worthy way I could do with a white cloth spread under them. My Parents are very patient enough, that they had to wait for a very short 57 minutes for me to take the perfect pic. TA DA!!

Self-five to my photography skills

Coming to food, mutton briyani was top notch, Mutton chukka was spicy enough and balances perfectly with biryani. Though meat got dry by the time I got home, it hardly matters when you have the aroma of a bhaai veetu kalyanam encircling over! Chicken biryani was incomparable before mutton briyani's sukkubhai level taste(Am I touching your nerve Sukkubhai fellows?). Y'all will agree once you taste it!

Their Menu include Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Mutton Chukka, Chicken 65 / Chicken 65 boneless, Bucket biryanis(Chicken/Mutton). You should be ordering Bucket biryanis a day before apparently. Yes, the Bhaai Friend is on demand!

You guys drooling there? Why wait! Book your muslim style biryani and start posting it with the #bhaaibiryani on Instagram. Linking their profile below!

Tried here already? Drop a comment about your experience below in comments!

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