Do you know why SS HYDERABAD Briyani has been a stable topper on the Chennai Briyani Map? Quantity kuda konjam quality at reasonable price is their secret ingredient until today which let them open over 20+ branches in Chennai.

Though we all know it isn't the best when it comes to taste, there are restaurants like Sukku bhai, Ambur star briyani, Yaa Mohaideen, H.Akbar mess, Buhari who have been the elites in this area. But have you thought how SS biryani tops them in business?

Let me tell you a scenario peeps... We tamils just love sharing(not being racist da vadakkans, just saying) our food. It all started with our school lunch period where the lunch boxes get over in 10 minutes(before lunch period). To be exact, that may look like a loot being raided in Miranmar map of PUBG (koththu koththa varvanunga). As a force of habit, their brand will be the highly suggested answer when you hear "macha, onnu vangi rendu per sapduvom", "150 ruba dhanda irku, treatku podhuma", "enala onnu mulusa sapda mudiyadhu, share panipom".

Spreading purely from generations to kutties, kutties being 90s kids, we indirectly branded the name through the most effective marketing tactic "Word Of Mouth".

End of history session Students. Let's go to the food!

Each chicken Briyani packlet will be atleast around 750gms maybe more cant be less. 2 big lumps of succulent, juicy meats are promised to be stuffed within the basmati rice.

Bread halwa/semiya kesari plus Raita are packed in chutty packets which apparently you will not be eating after dumping your stomach out with 1 kilos of basmati rice! (Am not joking)

Prices vary from branches... I ve eaten Chicken briyani from ₹140 to ₹190 and Mutton briyani from ₹160 to ₹220. Go for the Chicken briyani da virgins! (Others you all know). Grill Chicken is quite famous there. I still how it used look that big. I even thought of looking inside the chicken(still a mystery) like Joey did!

Ambience is not really their playcard, (Koyambedu market-kae tough kudupanga)

You all remember how ungils used to book their seats in public transports over window with their hygienic hankys? That should get you the picture. Always crowded.. I dunno why🏃

SS hyderabad biryani branches are almost accessible from every areas of North Chennai and within 10 kms radius for the Centrals. Their territory is expanding almost rapidly in the South just like Disney owning all the movie franchises!

Let's see.

Online deliveries... Order through Swiggy/Zomato if you are one of the uneducated bhakts... I would suggest you to buy in person if you would like to save a 50 through order🙊

Below post by soathugundan (Chennai based Food blogger)

That sums up! As you mean readers expect a perfect conclusion, I would say,


SS HYDERABAD BIRYANI review ithudan mudindhadhu. No go browse something else! Shoooo!

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