Volunteers delivering patients not allowed by Chennai police

CHENNAI: Ever since the lockdown standards were fixed on May 17, NGOs and free volunteers helping Covid patients have not had the option to work appropriately. This is on the grounds that they have nor been remembered for the e-enrollment measure nor are their authority character cards being acknowledged by the police. "Since Monday, eight of our volunteers had their vehicles seized.

One of them even showed the police his personality card, message from a Covid patient mentioning for prescriptions, and the drugs he purchased. Be that as it may, his vehicle was seized in Anna Nagar. More than 50% of the volunteers quit working because of this," said Hari Krishnan, an autonomous volunteer. He added that the volunteer had additionally worked with the Greater Chennai Corporation to send traveler laborers back home, however in spite of showing his authority personality card, the police didn't pay regard to him.

Large numbers of these volunteers have been helping families in which all individuals have Covid. "In a great deal of cases, when most individuals from a family get contaminated, they are stopped in various clinics. We help give food and deal with their different requirements. Comparable is the situation with influenced individuals living alone around there. Volunteer assistance is critical," said R Venu, who is associated with chipping in work in T Nagar. Banu Priya, from Aadharv Foundation, has been dealing with a similar issue. The NGO had been appropriating 400 dinners each day to the destitute during the lockdown. Since the time the lockdown was implemented stringently, they have not had the option to disperse a lot.

"One of the auto drivers, who had an ID card on and was wearing a T-shirt with the NGO's name, was blocked at Thiruvottiyur three days prior while dispersing food. Notwithstanding rehashed advances, his vehicle was seized and not returned. His girl has extreme wheezing and there have been occurrences when he needed to drive her to clinic in the evening. He presently doesn't have the vehicle and is living in dread," said Banu.

To recognize volunteers and lockdown violators, volunteers propose that the city Corporation could give them ID cards. A senior cop said, "The police are here to help general society and we haven't knew about any such occurrences wherein resident volunteers were halted by the police. Individuals helping other people during the pandemic can apply for an e-pass online to go inside the city. On the off chance that they are working with the organization, they can get a letter or marked explanation from the authorities in control." The official added that volunteers can meet separate delegate magistrates or joint chiefs heretofore and get endorsement so they will not be halted or given challans.

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